2022 - New York

Moment Factory was invited by longtime collaborator Phish to lead creative direction of a special New Year’s Eve set on Earth Day.

Fans of Phish know that when concerts fall on Halloween and New Year’s Eve, they’re in for an epic third set and encore. Phish’s traditional year-end run at Madison Square Garden was postponed to the third week in April, with the band’s New Year’s Eve show falling on April 22 — Earth Day. Moment Factory collaborated with the band and crew to create a magical underwater experience.

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For the third set, the band took to the center of a completely redesigned stage. As the song “Free” began, the stage floated up and special laser effects and projections plunged the arena into the depths of the ocean. Submerged in the deep-sea dreamscape, seaweed tumbled from above, and colossal drone-controlled dolphins and whales dipped amid bubbles and magic rain in sync with the music and lyrics. As the aquatic projections froze over to crackling ice at the end of the set, a donut-shaped sunrise appeared in the band’s encore of “It’s Ice” to melt the chill away and restore balance.

Praise for the show spilled across social media. as photos and videos of the venue-turned-aquarium quickly became among the band’s most viral moments ever. This “gag” joins the legendary ranks of past collaborations, including the “Drive-In,” “Hourglass,” and a mid-show Halloween transformation in Las Vegas.

Photos 3-6-8 by Andrea Nusinov & Photos 2-9 by Scott Harris

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