2022 - World Tour

The Killers’ sixth major concert tour takes the band to the U.K. for a series of stadium shows, festival-hopping across Europe, and on a North American and Australian arena run.

Launched in May in support of their sixth and seventh studio albums Imploding the Mirage and Pressure Machine, The Killers’ latest concert tour marks the band’s third collaboration with Moment Factory. Overseeing creative direction, Moment Factory developed stage design, lighting, content, and special effects to allow the band to deliver their signature theatrics at a range of indoor and outdoor venues.

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The band takes the stage in front of the album cover for Imploding the Mirage on a massive background screen. Two tall video and lighting pillars flank the stage, while also doubling as support columns. These upstage and downstage multimedia tiers add depth to scenic video content, immersing the band in natural landscapes inspired by the Nevada desert and striking visuals like giant blooming flowers and psychedelic distortions of Las Vegas neon signs.

Atmospheric scenes are interspersed with live feeds of the performance altered with visual treatments like glowing effects and interactive particles or simple colour adjustments. Classic theatrics, from a pyrotechnic waterfall to bold lighting and the famed confetti cannons, are timed with visuals to support the energy and emotion of each song and accentuate key moments in the band’s set.

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