Phish, Halloween show at the MGM Grand

Creating an epic mid-show surprise

2018 - Las Vegas

Moment Factory helped Phish pull off a jaw-dropping onstage transformation for their annual Halloween stunt.

Phish’s over-the-top live shows are legendary. So when this longtime collaborator asked us to help them pull off an elaborate stunt at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, we knew it would be epic.

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Phish has a tradition of covering another artist’s album on Halloween. For this year’s “musical costume,” we helped them change into an obscure Nordic ‘80s band called Kasvot Vaxt — on an in-the-round stage in front of a huge crowd of fans.

After the band’s first set, a kabuki drop descended for the takeover. When it fell away, the band’s all-white stage, costumes and instruments were revealed.

This white palette gave us canvas to create a very different look for Phish. We diffused coloured light through lightbox panes and the LED floor to create geometric designs on the minimalist set. Twelve two-sided kinetic frames for multimedia content were suspended overhead, automated to rise and fall at key moments.

We worked closely with Phish to achieve this dramatic transformation on a short timeline. Our 360 degree approach included creative direction, lighting design, video content, a custom LED stage, and scenography. The challenges just made pulling off this quick-change Halloween trick even sweeter.