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2024 - Las Vegas

The latest collaboration in a long-term creative partnership, this four-night concert series represents a bold step forward in live concert experiences.

Phish at Sphere in Las Vegas marks the latest collaboration between Moment Factory and the prolific rock band, continuing a long-term creative partnership.

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A shared passion for innovation and experimentation has led to a series of concerts where multimedia enhances the band’s performances in groundbreaking ways.

Continuing to pioneer new approaches to the live concert experience, Phish presents four original shows at the state-of-the-art Sphere. The band is the second act to perform inside the venue.

In collaboration with Phish, Co-Creative and Show Director Abigail Rosen Holmes and Lighting Designer Chris Kuroda, Moment Factory co-created the shows, contributing to stage design and content production. Supporting the world’s largest screen, the team introduced a future-forward approach to real-time generative video content.

Each night, set apart by a curated setlist and impromptu jam sessions, explores a unique theme inspired by a state of matter: solids, liquids, gas, and plasma. These themes are expressed through a custom orchestration of music, visuals and lighting.

Ushering in the next generation of live experiences, visuals merge scenographic elements, 360° live performance capture, and technologies including Unreal and Notch, as well as the use of pre-rendered imagery and AI-generated visuals.

Cover photo by Alive Coverage

Photos by Rene Huemer, Scott Harris, Alive Coverage & RichFury / Sphere Entertainment

Drone shots by JayByrd Films

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