Here’s a Little History…

2D sound and color animation dates back to the 1920s with well known creators like Walt Disney and Warner Brothers. Back then, all the drawings were animated by hand, frame by frame on acetate. Although this process created imperfections, it gave the films an unique organic touch.

2D Animation Today

Today, most 2D animation is made using computers, which standardizes the images and reduces imperfections.

Animation Here at Moment Factory

Why don’t we use 2D animation more often at Moment Factory? Pure hand drawn animation can be dreamy, but often times we aim for a less “cartoony” look and feel. So when do we go for the 2D look?

Compared to 3D animation, which is an almost polished world without imperfections, 2D animation brings back old techniques which we can embellish with a modern twist. For example, we use traditional drawings then mix them with a puppet-like cut-out technique.
Deep down within us all, there is an inner child who loves a good story. Using a multimedia hybrid approach, we can maintain an “old school” feel and adapt it to contemporary sensibilities. Of course, we use new technology to make it happen, but what’s even more exciting, is the ability to adapt it to new mediums like projection mapping on the facades of buildings. Traditional 2D let’s us tap into what we love most about animated storytelling while bringing to light contemporary meaning.