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ATB Head Office

Turning Corporation into Innovation

2014 - Edmonton

A playful and yet subtle cutting-edge environment for ATB Financial's head office in Edmonton.

In 2014, Moment Factory was asked to create a permanent immersive and interactive experience that expresses ATB Financial’s new image and brand values. The firm also wanted our help in developing a street level presence for the façade of their new offices. The focus of this new era for ATB Financial would be on the customer, who is unique and the leader in his or her banking experience.

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Following an opportunity to collaborate with the architects responsible for the company’s overall office design, multimedia elements were seamlessly integrated into the design of the space. The visual content is playful yet subtle, creating a cutting-edge professional environment. At night, the street level windows of the ATB Financial building become a large video screen, bringing the institution to life within the cityscape.

One of the challenges of creating an installation that offers a personalized experience to users is to keep the installation current and renewable without an overly taxing effort on the part of the client. The installation we designed for ATB is accessible for their in-house staff to enhance and update by entering new information about upcoming activities. Thanks to that independence, ATB will be able to keep its new system current for the long term.

With ATB’s guests set to be at the core of these installations, both inside and outside experiences are equipped with motion sensors that detect their presence, proximity, and movements. Interactive content allows direct contact between employees and visitors in the offices, and the street-side installation is activated only when someone is near. The installation’s intriguing engagement leads both guests in the offices and street-side passerby to associate ATB with an experience that recognizes and responds to them as individuals. This approach to interactive guest recognition was seen as a significant evolution from conventional marketing that targets all customers with homogenized information and experiences.

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