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Daegu and Goyang - Shinsegae

A luxurious trompe l’oeil retail experience.

2017 - Daegu & Goyang

Landmark media feature for Shinsegae Corporation’s groundbreaking shopping and entertainment complexes takes the retail experience to new heights.

As digital displays proliferate in public spaces, innovative clients like South Korean retail giant Shinsegae Corporation are setting new standards for the shopper experience by investing in custom digital enhancements. Shinsegae sourced Moment Factory for visual content to adorn major media features in both their Daegu department store and Goyang Starfield mall. Six storeys of luxurious visuals wow visitors in Daegu, while in Goyang 3 floors of immersive visuals are complemented by a circular LED ribbon, creating a fully 360° experience.

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Now counting five unique content productions at Daegu, and two at Goyang, our extensive list of productions for Shinsegae Corporation keeps growing, and has created significant economies of scale. Our latest addition to this repertoire is a stunning high-end dance sequence inspired by the luxurious Art Deco period, and recalling the heyday of Hollywood musicals. With different choreographies and stories unfolding depending on your angle of view, this epic number required Moment Factory to pull out all the stops for its biggest shoot to date.

Huge challenges like this one demand monumental results. When they’re achieved, the thrill is just as big!

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