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Vancouver Canucks Hall of Heroes exhibit

An Honoured Hall of Heroes

2010 - Vancouver

A permanent interactive installation at the Rogers Arena showcasing the careers of Stan Smyl, Trevor Linden and Markus Naslund.

In 2010, the Vancouver Canucks proudly celebrated their 40th anniversary in the National Hockey League (NHL) by showcasing the team’s rich legacy. To do this, they invited Moment Factory to create a permanent interactive installation at the Rogers Arena highlighting the careers of three players who have significantly contributed to the success and reputation of this hockey team: Stan Smyl, Trevor Linden and Markus Naslund.

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The goal for this project was to create a hub of connectivity between the fans and their team, one that reflects the fan experience and shares the Canucks story. For the occasion, we re-conceptualized the arena’s concourse as the Hall of Heroes, effectively creating a public space where fans could engage with the team’s history and take their part in it. When visitors arrive to the Hall of Heroes, they find something familiar, and yet there is still a great deal to discover with layers of facts and figures supported by footage of memorable plays. We even installed a photobooth at Trevor Linden’s bench so fans can take a snapshot and then share it through the system on social media or by email. Further along, ‘Forever Canucks’ is a hallway of framed LED screens we equipped with motion sensors so the installation responds to a fan’s presence. It features a catalogue of interactive player cards to take visitors back to the nostalgia of card trading and a virtual carousel that allows fans to access top ten moments like best goals, all on a custom graphic interface branded for the Vancouver Canucks. If an incredible play happens during a game, the system even has the web-smart technology to update the installation in real time based on fan votes.

We wanted to create an installation that would speak to and enhance the fan experience for all ages. We accomplished this by designing an installation customized for the Canucks fan, a cross between a museum exhibit that displays historical moments and an immersive and multimedia environment with many opportunities for interactivity. Visitors navigate the installation at their own pace as they pass through the arena’s concourse, priming them for the main event to follow as the legendary team hits the ice.