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Yours Truly, Pointe-à-Callière Museum

A Multimedia Journey through Time

2010 - Montreal

An authentic immersive experience sharing great moments that shaped the city of Montreal.

In 2010, Moment Factory partnered with GSMprjct and Sid Lee to bring one of Montreal’s most cherished historical exhibitions into a new era. Yours Truly, Montreal is one of Pointe-à-Callière museum’s star attractions, a multimedia show that takes viewers on a historical journey unlike any they have ever seen.

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This show was a terrific opportunity to bring out our love of working with found spaces: incorporating the character already present as part of the set design and working that architectural presence into the overall feel of the show. In this case, we had both the opportunity and challenge to project directly on to the ruins – authentic witnesses of the city’s history. To embellish the impressive ruins without upstaging them, we added a series of screens that wrap 270 degrees around viewers. Our approach to the content integrated graphic, light, and sound treatment. Under an artistic direction that prioritizes historical realism, the images and documents featured in the show were showcased with respect to their authenticity. The Moment Factory team worked with a delicate graphic touch to bring a new vibrant look and aesthetic cohesion to the project.

In addition to the 18-minute show that will run for 10 years, the project included the remodeling of an event space, the museum’s website, and the production of a book on the show. Yours truly, Montreal offers a fascinating immersive experience where projection technology and artistry sends viewers to the heart of historical action in Montreal.

By wrapping viewers in a dynamic storytelling scenario that features real historical artifacts and documents, the viewer relives great moments that shaped the city.

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