Madonna, Rebel Heart Tour

Within an artist's imagination

2015 - World Tour

Madonna commissions Moment Factory for a third creative collaboration.

Following the acclaimed NFL Super Bowl XLVI half-time show and the 2012 MDNA tour, the Rebel Heart World Tour marks the third collaboration between Montreal’s Moment Factory and pop icon Madonna.

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Moment Factory worked closely with creative director Jamie King and Madonna to create compelling and immersive visual worlds. Set to music from her new album, and some classics too, the striking imagery of the Rebel Heart Tour takes spectators on a journey deep into Madonna’s creative imagination.

“It’s a real honour to have the chance to work with Madonna again,” says Sakchin Bessette, Creative Director and Co-founder of Moment Factory. “She’s changed the musical landscape and has influenced many generations in multiple aspects of art and life. Madonna is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She doesn’t compromise; she has high expectations of her teams and of herself. She is multidisciplinary and works closely on every aspect of her show. She is a very inspiring woman.”

It was this passionate involvement that inspired the creative drive of the Rebel Heart Tour team. Alongside creative director Jamie King and a diverse team of collaborators, Moment Factory pulled out all the stops to bring the Rebel Heart vision to life.