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Palace of the Seasons, Montreal Grevin Museum

An immersive Show at the entrance of the Grévin Museum

2013 - Montreal

A multimedia journey through the seasons, from winter’s dim light to a lingering summer sunset.

In 2013 Compagnie des Alpes contacted Moment Factory about creating a pre-show for the upcoming Montreal chapter of their world-famous Musée Grévin wax museum. Looking to the Grévin experience in Paris as inspiration, its Palais des Mirages is a splendorous hall of mirrors that invites visitors into the museum. Moment Factory was tasked with creating an entertaining show under with the Grévin aesthetic that would pull visitors out of the everyday and into a magical universe.

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A tricky parameter that applies to many of our projects and in particular the Grévin museum is the desire to create an experience that will connect with an all-ages audience. As the wax museum draws visitors from the very young to the very young-at-heart, any aspect of the museum experience must speak to visitors coming from a wide spectrum of life experience. In order to meet this goal, we went back to the basics of nature and the seasons, showcasing the exquisite and opulent beauty of the natural world through our expertise in immersive multimedia environments.

Visitors entering the hall are whisked away on a narrative journey through the seasons, from winter’s dim light to a lingering summer sunset. The emotions associated for each visitor with these seasons are called forward as their senses recognize the world around them. Each season in the narrative cycle follows an arc that ushers visitors deeper into a sense of amazement, reconnecting them with the beauty of transforming seasons and setting the tone for a magical wax museum experience to follow. The scenic design for this multimedia show consists of a projection wall, three mirrored walls, as well as 2D and 3D animations. In a special turn, visitors become part of the landscape through an interactive wall on which they recognize their own figure through instantly played back movements. As their first step inside the Grévin experience visitors encounter the mesmerizing spectacle of nature, an appealing show at any age, before taking in the museum’s meticulously crafted exhibits.