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Soissons en Lumières

The town shines a bright light on its history

2022 - Soissons

Soissons’s cultural and architectural heritage is highlighted in a narrative and immersive experience on several iconic monuments.

The town of Soissons has called on Moment Factory, in partnership with ETC Audiovisuel, to create a night-time experience that brings to light its rich heritage. This new offer transforms public spaces, providing visitors and locals with a different way of discovering the town and enjoying its attractions.

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Our teams created a multidimensional narrative concept that invites the public to explore a series of landmarks in the heart of the city. Sound, light, video, music, and storytelling provide a moving insight into the town’s history, culture, and architecture.

These places come to life through the stories and viewpoints of characters from various eras. Through their vivid testimonies – heard through an audio app – the public is accompanied in their discovery from one monument to the next.

As each site is a possible start point, visitors may elect to discover the experience at their own pace, with or without narration, and wander freely from one site to another. These various approaches enhance the town’s appeal for a diversified public, who can engage with the project in its own way.

Truly a bridge between eras, the experience combines current technology with tales from the past, and reality with fiction, to cast light on events big and small in the life of the town. By reconnecting visitors to the splendour of their surroundings, it breathes new life into the town and its tourism and cultural offer.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Adrien Zumbihl | Alberto Ramirez | Amina El Assad | Andrés Auld | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Audrey Resche | Benoit Denis | Bronwyn Averett | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier | Catherine Therrien | Chloé Robillard | Claire Dubois | Corentin Kieffer | Danielle Normandin | David Churma | David Richard | Emanuela Papone | Émile Grégoire | Emily Thorne | Emmanuel Bastid | Ernesto Ortega | Esteban Chacin | Filis Ann Ozkurdum | François Desrochers | Geneviève Forest | Geneviève Mousseau | Gustavo Perez Rangel | Guy Laflamme | Hugo Desmeules | Jantana Hennard | Jean-Baptiste Hardoin | Jean-Daniel Caron | Jantana Hennard | Jean-Baptiste Hardoin | Jean-Daniel Caron | Jean-Sebastien Jasenovic | Jean-Simon Therrien | Johnny Boivin | Jonathan Chammas | Joshua Selinger | Julien Bigeault | Julien Lassignardie | Karim Fakhoury | Karo Boily Boulay | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Leisha MacDonald | Luis Aretuo | Marc Tétreault | Marc-Andre Baril | Marie Martineau | Marie-Eve Meilleur | Marie-Hélène Pouliot | Marie-Pier Veilleux | Marieve Dorman | Matei Georgescu Paquin | Miquel Tura | Myriam Dechamplain | Nicolas Coli | Olivier Schmitt | Patrice Bilodeau | Pierre Maumont | Samantha Scenna | Sonia Seninck | Sophiane Verri | Sotheary Ouk | Thibault Libert | Timothy Dormady | Vassily Coste | Vicky Leblanc | Vincent Masson | Xavier Drapeau-Mayer | Yohann Debarle