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Kaïla, Granby Zoo

An Immersive Underwater Journey in the South Pacific

2011 - Granby

A family friendly multimedia tale where everyone can dive into the magical world of Kaila, a turtle living between Australia and New-Zealand.

In 2010, the Granby Zoo approached Moment Factory about creating an immersive show to bridge two sections of their Oceania path. They were also seeking an opportunity to enhance the zoo experience with an add-on ticketed show that would be seamlessly incorporated into the overall visitor experience and storytelling. Creating from these directives, Moment Factory invited visitors to dive into the fantastical world of Kaïla.

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The world of Kaïla is a multimedia show designed for the whole family that takes an underwater journey from New Zealand to Australia alongside a turtle named Kaïla. During her trip, the tortoise meets tropical fish, colourful jellyfish, a giant octopus, and sharks. Visitors are free to roam around the space, following animated creatures projected on the walls and floor. Or, they can take a moment’s pause on custom-designed illuminated benches and watch the tropical underwater world surround them. Special effects spring from every corner, even descending from the ceiling! Visitors share a non-language based experiential learning moment with their friends and family. Accompanied by a soundtrack of epic adventure composed by Vincent Letellier, immersive sounds, light, and projection-mapping reveal the fantastical side of the natural world.

In addition to offering visitors immersive multimedia entertainment, Kaïla connects the real life experience of the zoo’s animals with a fantasy world of exploration and mystery. For visitors, having this new means through which to discover Oceania and the South Pacific Ocean provided a not-to-miss link in the Granby zoo experience.