2023 - Windsor

Projection mapping, ai-assisted content, mobile-based interactivity and reactive audio transform a gallery space.

Marking the second collaboration between Moment Factory and Art Windsor-Essex (AWE), Flowing Forces is a multimedia installation inspired by a collective vision to push the boundaries of traditional museographic codes by introducing innovative new ways of engaging with art.

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The experience builds on Against the Current, a mobile-based interactive art walk in Windsor, Ontario’s downtown district.

Encouraged by AWE to “think outside the frame”, the experience draws upon our studio’s expertise in multimedia environments to create a modern, immersive take on the traditional art exhibit.

A gallery space fuses projection mapping, AI-generated content, mobile-based interactivity, and sound design to merge physical and digital worlds, and connect all paintings through a new work of art.

Extending the possibilities of cultural and educational experiences, Flowing Forces invites visitors to engage with a curated selection of influential Canadian paintings through interactive media.

As visitors move through the experience, they use their mobile devices as “magic wands” to interact with graphic and sonic surprises that appear along the walls.

The final result is an original, digital ecosystem that reveals visual information on themes associated with each painting, as well as common threads that unite them.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Adrien Zumbihl | Alexandre Lustigman | Amahl Hazelton | Amina El Assad | Anastasiya Matuk | Anne Tovatt | Auriane Falieres | Benjamin Carrier | Benoît Giguère | Bianka Monette | Camille Kauffer | Catherine Giroul | Charlotte Leclair | Cloé St-Cyr | David Conway | Elliot Sinyor | Fabienne Mukoma | Felix Lescure | Florian Fouchet | Francis Gingras | Francois Joron | Geneviève Mousseau | Jean Artiges | Jean-Benoit Meunier | Jean-François Larouche | Jeffrey Chausse | Jerome Marion | Jessica Leroux | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Fauchon | Jordi Gauthier | Joseph Browne | Josh Baptista | Joshua Selinger | Julien Bigeault | Karo Boily Boulay | Marc-André Baril | Marc-André Monette | Maria Cuadra | Marie Martineau | Marie-Ève Meilleur | Mariève Dorman | Mariève Séguin | Marika Lapointe | Marina Ameri | Maxime Doyle | Michel Klingler | Michèle Séguin | Nadim Souaid | Natalia Bojovic | Nathalie Bédard-Morin | Olivier Maurice | Pierre-Alban Kientz | Rémi Lécuyer | Robert Al-Romhein | Salim Lounis | Shogo Kamada | Simon Léveillé | Sophie Midavaine | Vicky Leblanc | Vincent Beaulieu | Vincent Letellier | Vincent Masson | Yanick Landry | Yolaine P. Bouliane | Zacharie Perreault-Samson