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2021 - Banff

When the night rises, Sulphur Mountain transforms into a multi-sensory experience, honouring the land and the unique perspectives of the Stoney Nakoda Nation.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

Nightrise is an immersive evening at the Banff Gondola that invites guests to experience the summit like never before. This unique indoor and outdoor winter gathering merges multimedia and nature to offer a new and inspiring take on an iconic destination. Moment Factory collaborated with renowned tourism company Pursuit to create a nighttime experience for the winter season that complements the site’s pre-existing offerings, including food and beverage.

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Vibrant lighting, video projections, narration and original soundscapes conjure mysterious natural phenomena that only emerge after dark. Nightrise was born from our experience merging multimedia and nature through the Lumina Night Walk series, as well as our outdoor digital art exhibits, including North Forest Lights and Light Cycles. Visitors experience moments of immersion, interactivity and contemplation.

Our team worked closely with members of the Stoney Nakoda Nation to create an experience that celebrates their unique connection to the traditional lands of Treaty 7 Territory. Collaborating with Elders, musicians and language experts, we developed the storytelling and music of Nightrise. The Stoney language was also woven throughout the experience, providing a gateway to their culture and history.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandre Dion-Proulx | Alexandre Lustigman | Amy Chartrand | Andrés Auld | Anne Saint-Laurent | Anne-Marie Lavoie | Arnaud Grosjean | Audrey Resche | Auriane Falieres | Benjamin Le Talour | Bronwyn Averett | Catherine Giroul | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier | Catherine LeFoll | Catherine Villeneuve | Charlotte Leclair | Chloe Rondeau | Christian Pelletier | Conner Tozier | Corentin Kieffer | David Richard | Dominic Sauvageau | Dominique Charbonneau | Elizabeth Sparks | Émile Grégoire | Emilie Hudon | Etienne Eysseric | Fabien Rousseau | Francis Clement | François Desrochers | Francois Gosselin | Gabriel Pontbriand | Guillaume Cavaliere-Beranek | Isabelle Letarte | Jamie Tobin | Jean Laurin | Jean-Philippe Langevin | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jeffrey Chausse | Jerome Gasselin | Jessica Leroux | Joel Adria | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Fauchon | Jonathan St-Onge | Jordi Gauthier | Jorge Garcia | Joseph Browne | Joshua Selinger | Katiana Martel | Loic Lerat | Lucy Rybicka | Luis Aretuo | Manon McHugh | Marc Tétreault | Marianne Bousquet | Marie Martineau | Marie-Claire Lynn | Marie-Helene Delage | Marie-Helene Pouliot | Marie-Josée Houle | Marine Scelin | Mathieu Monnier | Matthieu Pichette-Fournier | Mélanie Guilbault | Michel-Jo Emond | Nadim Souaid | Nathanaël Couture-Lecaude | Olivier Maurice | Patrick Keyser | Paul Chinnery | Pierre-Olivier Durand | Quentin Bleton | Quitterie Boissé | Reda Radi | Remi Lapointe | Remi St-Onge | Richard Hachem | Samantha Scenna | Samuel Renard | Sarah Tordjman | Simon Garant | Ugo Dufour | Valerie D'Amours | Vincent Beaulieu | Vincent Letellier | Xavier Drapeau-Mayer