AC Dreaming
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Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

An Immersive Architectural Mapping

2012 - 2013 - Atlantic City

A celebratory, joyful, artful and above all entertaining show – a fitting tribute to the lively legacy of Boardwalk Hall.

Cities around the world are looking for new ways to engage with residents and visitors. The Atlantic City Alliance commissioned Moment Factory to create a permanent infrastructure for four light shows to illuminate historic Boardwalk Hall. Through the use of projections, sound, theatrical lighting and architecture, this type of entertainment projects brings the community together by inviting guests to explore and be an active part of the downtown.

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After the first show, Duality, launched on the 4th of July, 2012, the public reaction was so positive that the Alliance commissioned three more shows to complete the urban experience: Winter Sweet, Boardwalk Beat and AC Dreamin’. The creative team at Moment Factory ended up designing a one-year program based on the identity of Atlantic City.

These four multimedia shows bring Boardwalk Hall to life by pushing the boundaries of entertainment. Consisting of 2D and 3D animations, original soundtrack musical scores and a multitude of sophisticated 3D mapping effects, the result is a magical immersive experience for locals and visitors.

AC Dreamin
Moment Factory invites visitors to navigate six different magical worlds: a mysterious train station, a luxurious hotel, a crazy theme park, a surreal lighthouse, a dreamy underwater world, and the fantastic Boardwalk at night. Viewers follow a magical dream shared by two friends in a modern fairy tale. For the first time in the Boardwalk Hall project, Moment Factory used live-action footage with actors performing in a narrative linking the show to the spirit of the city.
Behind the scenes
Boardwalk Beat
Boardwalk Beat takes the audience on a musical journey through time. Moment Factory’s team explored the musical movements and graphic worlds of every decade from the 20s to the present, resulting in a new 8-minute show designed to make everyone walking the Boardwalk want to dance all summer.
Behind the scenes
Moment Factory introduced a new sensory experience with Duality, between land and sea, representing the best of both worlds. Over eight and a half minutes, two characters — represented by expressive light projected onto either side of Boardwalk Hall — grow and slowly take over the entire building, bathing it in pulsing light and vibrant visuals. All elements come together in a cohesive manner, representing collaboration, exploration and creation.
Behind the scenes
Winter sweet
Created to celebrate the wonders of winter, Winter Sweet juxtaposes the beauty and elegance of winter with the childhood joys of snow, candy and holiday icons. The seven-minute show features three distinct scenes that present very different winter worlds. More than 100 animated miniature objects were filmed to create the show, such as a train and winter toys, as well as a real dog.
Behind the scenes