The Holland Casino

Enhancing the casino experience

2009 - Rotterdam

A luminous environment seamlessly integrated

Holland Casino in Rotterdam was seeking to enhance their slot machine area by gaining control and direction of the ambience. ICRAVE and Moment Factory collaborated on a solution that would enrich the atmosphere of the gaming area with multimedia. We proposed a mood shaping tool consisting of a ceiling-mounted mesh, projection, and lights. The tool would be an efficient lighting source for the area, but also function as a subtle projection surface for ambient content. It would incorporate seamlessly with other elements included in our proposal that highlight existing architecture and shape the space by contouring it with shadow and light. This luminous ceiling supports the gaming experience while renewing the overall ambience so that the surroundings are constantly being refreshed by the appearance of new themes and settings. We also proposed to create informative and captivatingly beautiful content for the system, which would provide opportunities limited only by our capacity to imagine them.