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Changi Airport's Terminal 4 "Theatre of experience"

Emotion and entertainment at Changi Airport's Terminal 4

2017 - Singapore

Singapore’s Changi Airport Group commissions major new experiential media features to enhance and entertain at different stages of the passenger journey.

  • DIGITAL SIGNAGE Awards | Grand Prize, 2019

  • DIGITAL SIGNAGE Awards | Public Space Transport, 2019

Voted by air travelers as the World’s Best Airport (Skytrax) for the fifth consecutive year, Singapore Changi Airport is taking its passenger experience to a new level with Terminal 4. Changi Airport Group commissioned Moment Factory to collaborate on two media features designed to entertain passengers as they navigate the airport’s remarkable interior.

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From optical illusions to cinematic storytelling, the architectural media features transform even the least appreciated traveler moments into surprises of delight and discovery. Passing through security screening, travelers are enveloped by an immersive media wall with an entertaining variety of content capsules that transform the ambiance. Picturesque high altitude landscapes alternate with virtual bas-relief sculptures that subtly come to life. In the heritage zone, real and virtual traditional shop house façades create an authentic backdrop for local culture and storytelling. Appearing static at first, the two LED façades spring to life with an engaging neighbourhood love story that brings two Peranakan families together.

Building on our reputation for creating signature media environments, our installations at Changi Airport push ambient entertainment in new and meaningful directions.

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