On Tuesday, March 8th, 2022, Fast Company published their highly-anticipated list of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies”, an annual ranking of firms that have made the biggest impact on industries including media, travel, and music. ​Moment Factory was ranked #1 in the category of “Most Innovative Live Event Company”.

In recognizing Moment Factory, Fast Company celebrated the studio for “dazzling our senses with multisensory installations”

The American business magazine acknowledged the studio and its fellow “Most Innovative Live Event Company” recipients for having overcome challenges brought forth by the pandemic, and their collective ability to “bounce back in a big way” with the production of real-world, immersive events. 

The top 10 list includes Seatgeek, Meow Wolf, 88rising, Giantstep Studios, Tribeca, Active Theory, Superblue, Rockwell Group and Constellation Immersive.

The magazine chose to highlight a diverse selection of Moment Factory projects, referring to them as “stunning public displays of light and sound”.  

Projects mentioned include: 

“Moment Factory wouldn’t be where it is without our partners and collaborators. We thank them for their continued talent and support” expresses Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director Sakchin Bessette.  

Fast Company’s recognition helps endorse the studio’s mission statement, “we do it in public”, an ethos that has been inspiring innovation for over 20 years.  

“We’re honored that Fast Company is awarding us for our work in live events. Live events is where we come from. Times change, technologies change, but the basic human need to gather, connect and share in the physical world remains the same. That’s why it’s Moment Factory’s mission to keep doing it in public for years to come” concludes Bessette.