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2021 - Adelaide

Moment Factory makes its Australian debut as a featured artist for the inaugural edition of Illuminate Adelaide

  • [d]arc Awards | Best Light Art Scheme – Art High Budget, 2021

For the premiere edition of Illuminate Adelaide, a new annual winter celebration of innovation, music, art, and technology, festival founders invited Moment Factory to participate as a featured artist with an outdoor digital art experience at Adelaide Botanic Garden. Inspired by the lush canvas and the event’s vision, Light Cycles leads visitors on a nighttime journey where nature’s secret rhythms are illuminated through light and video projections set to an original score.

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Encompassing nearly two kilometres, Light Cycles features seven immersive installations that each encourage newfound connections with nature. Visitors enter through an ethereal tunnel of fog clouds and journey into the setting sun’s golden haze. In the woods, swirling LEDs and sonic frequencies channel the hidden wavelengths of the forest, while deeper in the grove, trees communicate with unique musical signatures and glowing crystal lights. Waves of laser beams flow across the lake’s calm surface, culminating in a moment of reflection that ferries visitors to the garden’s iconic Palm House for a final celebration of the warmth of community and storytelling.

Light Cycles brings together a mix of concepts that were custom-created for the site and adapted from experiences in Moment Factory’s repertoire, such as the award-winning North Forest Lights at The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and our Lumina Night Walk series. Despite pandemic-related travel restrictions, close collaboration with the Illuminate Adelaide, Adelaide Botanic Garden and Novatech teams, to name a few, allowed us to successfully deliver Light Cycles to a sold out crowd.

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