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Into the Northern Lights

Art and innovation conjure the magic of a natural phenomenon

2021 - New York

An immersive multimedia environment transports visitors into the Canadian North to experience the awe-inspiring essence of the aurora borealis.

Creative communications agency Praytell invited Moment Factory to collaborate on “Into the Northern Lights”, a temporary multimedia installation for Destination Canada. The interactive space was the main attraction of a winter tourism campaign positioned to promote Canada, home of winter, to a US audience. Held inside Manhattan’s iconic Grand Central Terminal, the free-flow experience drew in more than 10,000 participants over a three-day period.

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“Into the Northern Lights” invites visitors to interact with an artistic interpretation of the aurora borealis by influencing its shape, movement and colour. The experience is brought to life using an LED screen floor, a mirrored ceiling, a 360° audio system, and 3D sensors. Visitor movement captured in real-time influences a mesmerizing display of dancing light and evocative sound.

Dynamic visual content evolves over the course of three sequences, each featuring its own unique colour palette and interactive effects. In a state of constant transformation, the space generates countless interactive surprises and shareable moments. The artful simulation is enhanced by a musical soundscape that combines the rhythms of the Northern wind, piano, and traditional Inuit throat singing by Indigenous musical duo Tarniriik.

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Into the Northern Lights
CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandre Bordereau | Alexandre Michael | Benoît Giguère | Briana Larson | Bronwyn Averett | Daniel Jean | Erwann Bernard | Francois Gosselin | James Richardson | Jamie Reilly | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jerome Gasselin | Jessica Leroux | Jonathan Chamas | Jonathan Fauchon | Jonathan Gagne | Jonathan Masterson | Jordi Gauthier | Joseph Browne | Katiana Martel | Laurent Monnier | Marc Tétreault | Marie Martineau | Marie-Ève Pageau | Mathieu Monnier | Maxime Doyle | Pascal Michel | Patricia Tremblay | Roslane Moussouni | Sebastien Berube | Sophie Carle | Vincent Beaulieu | Vincent Letellier