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Sony Crystal LED


2018 - Amsterdam

Showcasing the colours, dynamic range and outstanding resolution of a screen so far ahead of its time we had to create tailor-made content to use it.

The Sony Crystal LED is colossal. This 32×9-foot video wall offers unparalleled high-contrast range, wide colour space and outstanding definition. Sony approached us to create video content that would leverage its capabilities to full effect.

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We love this kind of challenge because it pushes us out of our comfort zone. The display’s technology is so innovative that making tailor-made content straddled the worlds of art direction and R&D.

Collaborating closely with Sony engineers, we made sure that every pixel took full advantage of the display’s picture quality. This synergistic relationship led to the creation of a rich tapestry of dramatic visual effects. By layering 2D and 3D content, our animated canvas optimized the display’s massive 144-module screen space, wide colour gamut, elevated dynamic range and outstanding resolution. Drawing inspiration from fashion, sports and technology, the visuals featured a bright, high-contrast palette, while 3D motion graphics used the screen’s 3:55:1 ratio to enhance z-axis horizontal motion. These surrealist pop art collages flaunted the Crystal LED’s unparalleled richness and depth for an unforgettable sensory experience.