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Madonna, MDNA Tour

A Fresh and Striking production

2012 - World Tour

Guided by Madonna's intuition to forge an ultimate aesthetic show delivering the essence of her message.

Following an acclaimed contribution to Madonna’s NFL Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show, the ‘Queen of Pop’ invited Moment Factory to create multimedia content for her 2012 MDNA world tour. We wanted to tell a story that was striking and fresh but also recognizable as the Madonna fans know and love.

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A challenge we often face with opportunities like the MDNA tour is developing content for an innovative set design on a short production schedule. In this case, a set of 36 LED-flanked motorized cubes moved during the performance to create a constantly evolving visual environment. Working with new stage technology means we need extra time to adjust how our video looks and moves on the design, which is often being fine-tuned even as we produce content. To get us to the launch, a team of more than 20 artists worked non-stop for four months to create an immersive experience for 12 songs, including coordinating production and video shoots around the world.

The artists at Moment Factory developed content that would bring the MDNA set to its full potential, crafting visual universes that intensify the story, drama, and emotion of each song. One of our favourite songs to work on was “I’m A Sinner,” featuring a psychedelic train ride through India. A consummate artist, Madonna was involved in every detail of the production. With her intuition and us doing what we do best, together we forged the ultimate aesthetic to deliver her album’s message.

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