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Sony Pictures Television L.A. Screenings

An Immersive Movie Experience

2013 - Los Angeles

A multiscreen cinematic journey, touching upon the arts and history of cinema and television.

For its annual L.A. screenings in May 2013, Sony Pictures Entertainment asked Moment Factory to create a stunning opening show for its international audience. We set out to create a work that would both speak to and surprise Sony’s clients. Our challenge was to offer an unforgettable experience to an industry audience who has ‘seen everything’.

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For a concept, we went back to the film industry basics of a movie set, including the old trick of creating entire worlds with scenic backgrounds. To do this, we surrounded viewers on three sides and overhead with a grand art-deco inspired set, effectively immersing them in our projection playground. Then we created the impression of a movie set collapsing around them, ever revealing another world and epic moment in film just behind, playing between notions of fiction and reality. With a nod to the industry’s many accomplishments, we sourced the most epic scenes, dramatic music and memorable dialogue, taking viewers on a multi-screen cinematic journey through the art and history of film and television.

Using surround storytelling, visual effects and 3D projection-mapping, we worked with a concept familiar to viewers. But to surprise them, we took an immersive approach, leaving Sony’s guests with the feeling of having been actually transported through history.