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2023 - Laval

A versatile multimedia installation sparks wonder through the seasons at Carrefour Laval.

Cadillac Fairview and Moment Factory teamed up to bring an extra dose of entertainment and excitement to Carrefour Laval with an interactive installation that evolved with the seasons. The initiative aligns with the company’s vision to pioneer engaging retail experiences nationwide.

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Introduced in fall 2023 with the aim of increasing foot traffic and dwell time in the shopping center, while also establishing its indoor garden as an attraction in its own right, the free-standing LED structure was initially designed to complement the mall’s existing autumnal decor. It featured a colourful array of butterflies fluttering in response to visitors’ gestures and perching on shoulders for unique photo opportunities. Once adapted for winter, the installation swept visitors into a wintry wonderland, where their movements transformed frost and snow to unveil the magic of the season.

Chosen for its rapid deployment and flexible customization, the off-the-shelf solution provided Cadillac Fairview with a platform for easily and repeatedly reinventing their space. Following this collaboration, the company partnered with Moment Factory to bring the studio’s indoor immersive art experience, Mirror Mirror, to CF Chinook Centre in Calgary.

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