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Iconic Multimedia at Moynihan Train Hall

Enhancing the visitor experience by reviving the wonder of travel

2020 - NEW YORK

NYC’s new transportation hub reinvents an architectural icon, creating a world-class destination that charms travelers with the magic of experiential multimedia.

As part of New York’s major upgrade to the transportation infrastructure at Pennsylvania Station, America’s busiest transit hub, the city’s cherished Farley Post Office Building has been transformed into the new Moynihan Train Hall. To bring this reinvention to life, Empire State Development invited Moment Factory to collaborate on key media features that bring back the romance of travel while entertaining both daily commuters and travelers from afar.

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Our team developed a multimedia content strategy, as well as 7 animated capsules that highlight the vibrancy of New York city and NY State, the history of the iconic building, it’s unique architecture and the natural beauty of the state at large. Spanning 4 massive LED screens, identity, ambient and event capsules with custom transitions bring delight and discovery to the passenger journey, making the hall feel alive.

Adapting our process to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ensured a safe and seamless integration process with the on-site presence of our NYC office. We are thrilled to have contributed to a project that reinvents an NYC icon and brings wonder to travel and to public space.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Adrien Zumbihl | Alberto Ramirez | Alexis Doyon-Lacroix | Alvaro Perez Del Solar | Amahl Hazelton | Andrés Auld | Arnaud Lai Tham | Audrey-Kim Poulin | Basile Buisson | Benoît Giguère | Benoit Penaud | Benoit Roy | Bronwyn Averett | Catherine Gaucher | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier | Catherine Turp | Claudia Lavergne | David Richard | Dominic Sauvageau | Elizabeth Sparks | Emmanuel Bastid | Ernesto Ortega | Esteban Chacin | Etienne Varin | Evan Boehm | Filis Ann Ozkurdum | Flora Bidaud | Francis Gingras | François Desrochers | Guillaume Borgomano | Isabelle Verdon | Ismael Cosio | Jamie Reilly | Jantana Hennard | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jessica Leroux | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Masterson | Joshua Selinger | Julien Barbault | Karine Gagnon | Kristina Lulham | Laurent Tollard | Lena David | Louis Brochu | Lucy Rybicka | Magelan Fournier-Cozic | Marianne Bousquet | Marie Martineau | Marie-Claire Lynn | Matthieu Gourd | Maxime Faure | Mélanie Guilbault | Mikael Charpin | Miquel Tura | Natalie Van Sasse Van Ysselt | Nikola Nenov | Patrice Bilodeau | Paul Chinnery | Philippe Morel | Richard Cormier | Romain Peixoto | Samuel Geoffroy | Samuel Renard | Simon Douville | Simon Léveillé | Simon Methot | Sylvain Gautier | Thibault Libert | Thibault Magni | Thomas Gibault | Tim Rice | Timothy Dormady | Vincent Beaulieu | Vinh Truong | Vinicius Barros Silva | Xavier Drapeau-Mayer | Yan Hirschbuhl | Yohann Debarle | Zachary Franciose