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An intensely emotional multimedia experience

2020 - World Tour

Moment Factory creates a live concert tour that taps into the mind and heart of Halsey.

World-renowned performing artist Halsey enlisted frequent collaborator Moment Factory to capture her singular essence for a world tour in support of Manic, her third studio album release. Our team merged creative and technical elements to form an immersive, multisensory experience that connects fans directly to the artist and her music.

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Immersed in the themes and full emotional spectrum of Manic, audiences are provided with the sense of travelling deep inside the mind of Halsey for song performances including Forever, Haunting, and Is There Somewhere.

The tour’s artistic direction and design approach draws inspiration from triptych artwork and kinetic installations. The adaptable stage includes three automated platforms that form ever-changing content layouts, screens displaying interactive film content, multiple transformative lighting environments, and a floating staircase that allows the artist to move up and down above the audience to create iconic and unforgettable moments.

Each song is brought to life through a variety of unique audiovisual surprises, including illusions and special effects generated by video content, pyrotechnics, and laser lights, connecting audiences to the performer like never before.

Photos credits : DONSLENS and Jasmine Safaeian