KENTO, AR artist

Pushing the boundaries of augmented live performances

2019 - Los Angeles

In collaboration with Japanese artist KENTO, Moment Factory’s R&D team experimented with body tracking technology, real-time visuals and generative effects.

Moment Factory collaborated with Japanese artist KENTO to virtually enhance his multidimensional approach to music and dance, while deepening our understanding of the possibilities of mixed reality technologies. By tracking KENTO’s movements, we were able to amplify his energy and performance with visuals that blend hyper modern and traditional Japanese aesthetics.

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Inspired by KENTO’s artistic vision, we explored body tracking and real-time visuals to create a series of live generative effects that could augment his performances for a variety of different contexts.

This custom mixed reality technology pushes the boundaries of the spectator experience and allows for new visuals at every show. Audiences can enjoy these enhanced performances in real-time through live feed IMAGs broadcasted on giant screens. By integrating invisible screens into the set design on stage, augmented effects can also enhance the live show itself.


With the use of a custom portable kit, KENTO can create new content and perform with augmented effects in virtually any environment, which can be easily managed by KENTO’s creative team using a custom AR app.

Click here to view the artist’s video content.

Behind the scenes
CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Alexandre Lupien | Alexandre Lustigman | Alexis Margaritis | Amy Chartrand | Andrew Mancini | Audrey-Kim Poulin | Baptiste Olivier | Benoit Roy | Carolyne Shapiro | Catherine Giroul | Catherine LeFoll | Céline Mornet | Charles Crépeau | Charles-Olivier Gosselin | Charlotte Leclair | Christophe Godon | Claudia Nguyen | Clement Vives | Daniel Grigsby | Daniel Jean | Dominic Audet | Elliot Sinyor | Emeric Robert | Evan Boehm | Fabrice Veniard | Francis Gingras | Gokce Kinayoglu | Grant Orchard | Guillaume Bourassa | Hugo Deschenes | Hugo Desmeules | James Richardson | Jean-Baptiste Hardoin | Jean-Loic Fontaine | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jeremie Quesnel | Jerome Gasselin | Jesse Lee Stout | Joel Gaudreau | Jonathan Brayer | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Fauchon | Jonathan Russell | Jonathan Simard | Jordi Gauthier | Jules Dembele | Julie Roy-Lamarre | Karim Fakhoury | Kun Chang | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Lucy Rybicka | Lyes Belhocine | Lysiane Cote | Magalie Desrochers | Marc-André Paquet | Marie-Hélène Pouliot | Mariléa Rabbat | Mathieu Grainger | Mathieu Monnier | Mathieu Morasse | Minji Suh | Mylène Filteau | Myriam Chahbi | Nadim Souaid | Nadine Law | Nicolas Franco-Gendron | Olivier Pageau | Pascal Michel | Philippe Dubost | Pierre Corsy | Priscillia Auvray | Queenie Smith | Remi St-Onge | Richard Paquin | Roslane Moussouni | Sacha Pérez del Solar | Steven Beliveau | Sun-lay Gagneux | Thibault Libert | Thibault Magni | Thijs Van Hoof | Tim Rice | Vincent Beaulieu