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Kamuy Lumina

An enchanted night walk at Lake Akan

2019 - Lake Akan, Japan

A new forest night walk designed to coexist with nature and minimize impact on the surrounding environment.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

A unique engagement with Hokkaido’s Ainu storytelling tradition, this Lumina night walk allows visitors to experience Japan’s Akan Mashu National Park in a new way, yet from an ancient perspective.

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Taking its name from the spirits that inhabit the forest in Ainu legend—the Kamuy—this multimedia journey immerses visitors in a luminous forest world with profound respect for the night. Drawing inspiration from the Ainu tradition of Yukar songs—where rhythm is kept by tapping along with a stick—visitors embark on a journey that is not only mythical, but also musical and interactive.

The story is inspired by the Yukar “Owl & Jaybird” in which the Owl seeks a messenger to help him save humans from their folly. Konkuwa’s captivating rhythm, endearing characters and ancient wisdom are brought to life for a new generation through immersive multimedia, seamlessly embedded in the forest along the shores of Lake Akan.

Over a year of development went into crafting custom technology, and collaborating with the Ainu community of Lake Akan, the Ministry of Environment and Akan Adventure Tourism Co. to ensure the impact on the site’s flora and fauna was as minimal as possible. What we learned through this illuminating process will inspire Lumina night walks for years to come.