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Tabegami Sama

A multisensory foodie fantasy in Japan

2017 - Tokyo

Moment Factory takes visitors on an immersive journey through Japan’s culinary tradition

  • FRAME Awards | Best use of digital technology, 2018

  • FRAME Awards Public choice | Best use of digital technology, 2018

This immersive exploration of Japanese culture was the perfect beginning to a budding collaboration between Moment Factory and Sony Music Communications Japan aiming to innovate across cultures and beyond borders. Through this partnership, Moment Factory was commissioned by the Tabegami Sama Production Committee to create four immersive installations that prepare visitors for a remarkable culinary experience, while telling the important story of traditional, seasonal and local cuisine known as Washoku.

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As visitors entered, they passed through a darkened, immersive space. Following Kitsune the fox through a stylized, projected landscape, visitors interactively discovered seasonal ingredients. They encountered the Four Ways (which evokes the cooking processes of grilling, simmering, broiling and steaming), the Sanctuary (where dashi, fermentation and sake making were discovered), and the finale, a tactile and interactive rediscovery of rice and its landscape — the most elemental ingredient of Japanese cuisine. What followed was a meal to be remembered by some of Japan’s most celebrated chefs.

We’ve been humbled by this amazing experience that allowed us to learn about and share in Japan’s profound culinary heritage.

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