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A unified show narrative that connects both sites

2019 | 2021 - Reims

A multimedia experience at the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral and the Saint-Remi basilica that brings back the emotion of the coronation of the Kings of France.

  • CODA Awards | Public choice – Lithurgical

The city of Reims commissioned Moment Factory to oversee the creation of Regalia, a multisensory multimedia experience presented in two chapters across the façades of the Cathedral of Reims and the Basilica of Saint-Remi, both of which are featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

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Anchored in history, Regalia is an experience that highlights the architectural heritage while combining the magic of video projection, music, and interactivity to bring the Coronation of the Kings and its night of festivities to life.

The first chapter begins at the Cathedral with a fun and interactive experience that invites the public to test their knowledge of historical trivia, with assistance from clues projected on the structure’s façade. The activity is followed by an immersive video projection show that envelops visitors in the emotional Coronation of the Kings, showcasing the diverse rituals that mark the ceremony. The show culminates with the appearance of a dove carrying the Holy Ampulla. Travelling from the Cathedral to the Basilica, the powerful visual provides a common thread between both sites.

The second part of the experience is presented across the two façades of the Saint-Remi Basilica, commencing with a symbolic, interactive mobile mission on the South side, related to the show’s historic narrative. This is followed by a projection mapping show on the West side that captures a traditional night of celebration that follows the arrival of a new king.

Designed by Moment Factory’s Paris-based studio in collaboration with the city of Reims, Regalia is punctuated by an original musical track created by artists from Reims: a composition by Guillaume Brière, enriched by the contribution of a local team of composers and musical arrangers, in addition to the Maîtrise de la Cathédrale de Reims.

Cathedral of Notre-Dame
Basilica of Saint-Remi
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