2022 - Windsor

In collaboration with Moment Factory, Art Windsor-Essex leads the public through the city to uncover eight artworks and the bold artists behind them.

Against the Current is an interactive discovery experience that challenges the public to explore eight Canadian masterpieces outside the  Art Windsor-Essex walls. Using a web-based mobile app, participants follow a map to discover eight landmark works across the city. At each stop, online mini-games reveal the bold strokes behind each painting and earn participants unique milestones tied to each artist’s legacy. The final destination leads guests inside the Gallery where they find one last surprise artwork.

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Connecting physical and virtual worlds, the web app adds a dynamic dimension to the  Art Windsor-Essex’s program. Developed and produced by Moment Factory’s team specialized in educational and cultural experiences, the concept reimagines the traditional gallery experience through an integrated learning journey. At the heart of our approach, a strong storyline draws visitors in, sparks their imagination, and inspires them to channel the artistic energy flowing through the exhibition and embrace their inner rebel. The gamified discovery map fosters experiential learning and encourages audiences to engage with the artworks  in a playful and accessible way.

Against the Current is the first stepping stone in a brimming, long-term collaboration in support of the  Art Windsor-Essex’s five-year digital strategy roadmap and its mission to reach new audiences and connect with the community.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Alexandre Michael | Amahl Hazelton | Amina El Assad | Anastasiya Matuk | Anne Dubord | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Arnaud Grosjean | Audrey-Kim Poulin | Catherine Grenier | Charles Crépeau | Claude Tremblay | Cloe St-Cyr | David Conway | Dominic C Lalonde | Elizabeth Sparks | Elliot Sinyor | Florian Fouchet | Geneviève Mousseau | Guy Laflamme | Jean Artiges | Jean-Francois Larouche | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jessica Leroux | Jonathan Chammas | Joshua Selinger | Julien Bigeault | Kun Chang | Louis Bressand | Lucy Rybicka | Marc-André Monette | Marc-André Paquet | Marie Martineau | Marie-Ève Meilleur | Marieve Dorman | Marika Lapointe | Mariléa Rabbat | Marine Scelin | Mélanie Guilbault | Nadia Lakhdari | Nathanael Couture-Lecaude | Olivier Maurice | Quentin Bleton | Quitterie Boisse | Randy Gonzalez | Robert Al-Romhein | Roslane Moussouni | Simon Léveillé | Sophiane Verri | Tara Maria Massaad | Vincent Masson | Vinh Truong