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Changi Experience Studio at Changi Airport

Creating cutting-edge entertainment visitor attractions

2019 - Singapore

Our continued innovations with Changi Airport prove transportation hubs can be elevated to exciting destinations using multimedia storytelling.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Changi Airport Group, Moment Factory was mandated to design two new fun and inspiring airport-themed multimedia experiences for the Changi Experience Studio, a unique visitor attraction located within the airport’s groundbreaking Jewel mixed-use destination.

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Changi Experience Studio strives to go beyond entertainment, to encourage the physical health and well-being of travellers. With this challenge in mind, we created ‘Amazing Runway’, an interactive multiplayer game for up to ten participants, inspired by the airport’s 2009 legendary race between a Boeing 747 and a Porsche Carrera. As visitors pedal custom-built stationary bicycles, they team up to accelerate their famous vehicles down an immersive digital runway towards the finish line, in an exciting, richly animated competition.

As the world’s top-ranked airport, Changi has sparked deep public interest in its success story of innovation and excellence. To satisfy the curiosity of visitors, our creative teams also conceived and produced ‘Finale’–an exciting virtual journey into Changi Airport’s dramatic history and its visionary dreams for the future, all set on a 180º screen.