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Multimedia content infuses vibrant colour into the world’s busiest transportation hub

2021 - Tokyo

Lighting, video content, and sound unifies the Shinjuku Station environment. This installation offers visitors a calming and colourful moment of wonder.

  • Digital Signage Award Japan | Grand Prize, 2021

Moment Factory and Sony Music Solution Inc. partnered with East Japan Railway Company to develop a flagship multimedia installation at East-West passage of Shinjuku Station, located in the heart of Tokyo.

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Inspired by Shinjuku’s many facets, The Colour Bath is a large-scale, multi-purpose multimedia ecosystem that transforms the passage into an immersive passenger experience. Our goal was to inject the complex environment with a calming energy that puts passengers at ease and encourages a smooth visitor flow at the world’s busiest transit hub.

Moment Factory’s Colour Bath concept was born from the desire to create a dynamic space that envelops passengers in a soothing mood and atmosphere. Synchronized video content, lighting and sound come together to form a harmonious palette of changing colour hues that appear across a 45-metre LED screen, light boxes and numerous complementary LCD screens.

Our experience in optimizing high-volume transportation hubs, including Singapore’s Changi Airport, LAX, and NYC’s Moynihan Train Hall, helped inform an innovative multimedia strategy that elevates the passenger journey. A variety of ambient video content capsules were produced to provide programming that evolves over the course of the day, changes with the seasons, and holds the potential to transform the space during branded takeover moments.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Adrien Zumbihl | Alexis Doyon-Lacroix | Alexis Margaritis | Amy Chartrand | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Ariane Dorig | Arnaud Grosjean | Arnaud Mellinger | Audrey-Kim Poulin | Baptiste Olivier | Basile Buisson | Benjamin Le Talour | Benoît Giguère | Benoit Massé | Benoit Penaud | Benoit Roy | Bronwyn Averett | Camille Ricard | Caroline Colon de Franciosi | Carolyne Shapiro | Catherine Grenier | Cheryl Catterall | Clément Sagnier | Conner Tozier | Connie Fu | David D'Anjou | David Richard | Diego Villaizan | Émile Grégoire | Émilie M'Pika Bouquin | Emmanuel Bastid | Ernesto Ortega | Esteban Chacin | Francis Clement | François Depret | Francois Gosselin | Gabrielle Marchand Roy | Ionut Ovidiu Lupu | Isabelle Verdon | Ismael Cosio | Jakub Zuscin | Jantana Hennard | Jean Laurin | Jean-Sebastien Jasenovic | Jean-Simon Therrien | Jeffrey Chausse | Jenny Jodoin | Jerome Gasselin | Joel Gaudreau | Johnny Boivin | Jonathan Chammas | Jonathan Russell | Jordi Gauthier | Juan Gabriel Gesualdi | Koji Yanai | Kristina Lulham | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Louis Brochu | Lucy Rybicka | Luis Aretuo | Magelan Fournier-Cozic (OLD) | Manuel Galarneau | Marc Provencher | Marianne Bousquet | Marie Martineau | Marie-Ève Pageau | Marina Kondo | Marine Scelin | Martin Pelletier | Mathieu Charlebois-Lévesque | Matthieu Gourd | Maxime Faure | Maxime Geraldes | Maxime Grenier | Mikael Charpin | Mohamed Ashraf | Nicolas A Noel | Normand-Pierre Bilodeau | Olivier Grant | Pascal Michel | Philippe Lapointe | Quitterie Boissé | Ruby-Maude Rioux | Simon Douville | Simon Methot | Simon Mullot | Simon Takerkart | Stéphane Turner | Thibault Libert | Thomas Gibault | Timothy Dormady | Vincent Beaulieu | Zane Kozak