Dance of The Frost Fairies, The Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular


2022 - New York

With creative direction and choreography of the new flying fairies, Moment Factory collaborated on the reimagined Dance of the Frost Fairies scene.

Each year, the world-renowned Rockettes dazzle audiences with the Christmas Spectacular holiday stage show at Radio City Hall in New York City. For the latest season, Moment Factory joined the production to reimagine the Dance of the Frost Fairies scene as a celebration of the beauty and magic of the first snowfall. The immersive scene transforms the stage into a snowflake universe where the Rockettes become winged fairies, heralding the arrival of winter alongside fantastical fairies that dance and fly above the audience.

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As the Frost Fairies enter the theatre, video content envelopes the venue in glistening ice crystals and delicate frost prisms, creating the illusion of being inside a snowflake. Above the audience, the fluttering, iridescent wings of the flying fairies reflect the synchronized movements and costumes on the stage. Developed to complement the existing choreography and music, the flying fairies seamlessly blend into the mystical environment through virtual world art direction, lighting and sound design.

The reimagined Frost Fairies scene reprises Moment Factory’s collaboration with Madison Square Garden Entertainment Group on Phish’s 2022 Earth Day performance and with the Radio City Rockettes on a digital makeover of the New York Spectacular in 2016.

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