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2023 - Orlando

InfoComm, the largest professional audio-visual trade show in North America, collaborated with Moment Factory to create an interactive exhibition booth experience.

During InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, Florida, delegates had the chance to visit an interactive booth on the showroom floor. Designed by Moment Factory, the playful experience booth pushes the boundaries of traditional pavilion formats by inviting visitors to step into an interactive realm where creativity and technological innovation meet.

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Inside the space, walls become interactive surfaces through the seamless integration of depth cameras, LiDAR scanners and real-time software across two 16 by 9-foot Nanolumens Engage Series 2.5mm LED screens. Across three days, delegates had the chance to explore three original activations, each one showcasing different ways digital signage can spark imaginations and transport audiences.

Ethereal Entities mirrors the movements of visitors as generative particles form augmented silhouettes. Reactive Flows animate particles through the principles of attraction and repulsion as visitors step toward and away from the wall. Attractive Butterflies closed the show with a picturesque landscape where abstract monarchs and admirals fluttered around guests, creating the perfect interactive backdrop for sharing on social platforms.

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