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Oakley Flagship Store

Turning a store into a destination on the 5th Avenue

2014 - New York

Creating a living, breathing installation, embodying the renegade spirit of Oakley’s design ethos.

Earlier in 2014, we helped Oakley launch their new brand direction, “Disruptive by Design,” which focuses on the company’s innovative approach to sports technology. We created a living, breathing, participatory installation that introduced guests to the renegade spirit powering Oakley’s brand. To get even more mileage out of this rebranding partnership, Oakley asked us to design a permanent installation for their new flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City.

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When we first looked at the plans for the retail space, our biggest challenge was clear. Space is at a premium in this location and it would be essential to maximize retail opportunities. At the same time, this being a flagship location and the home base of a new and significant brand initiative, we knew Oakley needed a stunning installation to draw customers into their world and deliver their message. We turned to the only space unoccupied by retail display, the ceiling, and quickly set to work developing a concept and design to maximize the large overhead canvas.

The final installation features 27 LCD screens on an angled cascade running the length of the ceiling. This design allows both separate screen and full-canvas display. The design is also intended to draw customers forward into the retail space. In this way, customers’ engagement with the lifestyle and vision of the brand leaves them immersed in the Oakley world, where all valuable wall and floor space is available for sales and merchandising. Content merges a visual language we developed especially for the brand with video footage of Oakley’s performance athletes. In all, this one-of-a-kind installation tells the story of Oakley’s inspiration and drive to develop forward-thinking technologies as well as how this mandate serves the athlete seeking to raise his or her game.

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