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Mystic Tree Show

Bringing's China's cultural heritage to life by leveraging the magic of mutlimedia

2017 - Hangzhou

One of the biggest theme parks in China has commissioned an innovative multimedia experience to enrich and broaden its range of attractions

Songcheng, one of the ten biggest theme park groups in the world, has asked Moment Factory to design a multimedia attraction that will put their park in Hangzhou at the forefront of the entertainment world.

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Built on what used to be the capital of China more than 1,000 years ago, the park pays homage to the Song dynasty, protectors of the arts and culture. One of our big challenges was to create an experience that would wow the public while honoring Chinese cultural codes. Building a close collaboration with the client was key. To showcase this heritage jewel, we worked with the park’s landscape architect to redefine the zone and planted nearly 400 trees.

Combining video projections, bespoke lighting design and an original soundtrack, the multimedia experience features a thousand-year-old tree. This mystical tree is inhabited by

a guardian who, on occasion, opens up a passageway for the emperor to talk to his people—all of which unfolds with a host of multimedia effects that evoke the forces of nature.

As night falls, visitors are immersed in the fantasy world of the Songcheng Mystic Tree, discovering its mysterious secrets.