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Shining a light on Canadian culture and creativity

2017 - Ottawa

The National Arts Centre’s Kipnes Lantern is designed to communicate and celebrate an ever-evolving community of creativity.

Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects and activated with visual content created by Moment Factory, the Kipnes Lantern is a signature feature, symbolizing the National Art Centre’s role as a champion of the performing arts in Canada, a stage for its most illustrious artists, and a catalyst for creation and innovation.

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From a beacon and gathering space to a statement feature imbued with meaning, this digital media façade has enabled the architecture to tell the ever-expanding story of the arts in Canada.

Since the initial design and creation of content for the signature feature, it has gone on to showcase many interesting artistic collaborations, such as animation by Indigenous artists for National Indigenous People’s History Month, and multidisciplinary work by Jacquie Comrie in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This feature’s adaptability and ease of operation has allowed it to evolve through time and to serve a variety of needs within the community. Images and videos are easily integrated and transformed into dynamic visuals highlighting NAC events and Canada’s diversity of talent.