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Childish Gambino, This is America tour


2018 - North America

Childish Gambino & Moment Factory's second Tour collaboration created a truly emotional & visceral concert experience!

Childish Gambino and his creative team invited Moment Factory to oversee the stage design of his latest concert tour. Art direction features minimal physical elements to enhance a sense of intimacy and authenticity. The artist envisioned the stage as a simple and clean open space featuring “the exposed guts of the show” in the form of limited-yet-striking scenography. Further enhancing this sense of openness, accompanying musicians perform in downstage pits.

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Two large multimedia “blades” make a major visual impact, provide structure, and present storytelling content. Comprising a reflective LED surface on one side and iconic lighting on the other, these panels generate ever-evolving illusions. The panels are automated, allowing them to hover horizontally and rotate above the stage. Laser lights are incorporated between the panels to enhance major show moments with volumetric effects.

In addition to the iconic panel structures, Moment Factory collaborated on cinematic video content starring the performing artist, that uses ever-evolving illusions to explore mind-bending themes of time, space, and parallel realities.

First picture by José Cabaço

Behind the scenes
CREDITS: We're glad to have been part of the creative team on this tour alongside Wolf+Rothstein and many talented collaborators|Production Design: Moment Factory & Wolf+Rothstein|Management: Wolf+Rothstein|Tour Director: Christian Coffey |Video content: Moment Factory, Possible Productions, Christian Lamb, Alex Czetwertynski, Freeka Tet, Danny Purdue|Shoots: Moment Factory, Pierre Gill & Christian Lamb|Video Director: Christian Lamb|Production manager: Bryan Scheckel|Lighting Designer: Sarah Landau|Lighting Programmer: Darien Koop|Lasers Design: Derek Abbott|Laser Programmer: Davey Martinez|Choreograhpy: Sherrie Silver