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Augmented Games


Moment Factory has developed several innovative interactive solutions that allow us to transform any space into an immersive playground of infinite possibilities.

Moment Factory’s Interactive team designed augmented games and sports in order to bring the world of video games into physical spaces. These fun, participatory games offer the public a never-before-seen form of entertainment experience, indoors and outside.

With the help of cutting-edge technologies, interactive apps, and creative multimedia content, augmented games encourage collaboration and human connection, all while respecting physical distancing protocols.

Customizable, adaptable, and able to evolve, interactive and immersive games and sports can be integrated anywhere, and are suited to any audience. Spectators can even become players through the addition of an augmented reality layer!

Large-scale interactive games
Moment Factory developed four interactive games that are 100% customizable and adapt to all types of environments.
Inspired by retrogaming and physical education classes, these large-scale interactive games allow visitors of all ages to interact with virtual elements projected on a playground. They work through a combination of a real-time tracking technology and projection mapping. Merging entertainment and physical activity, these augmented games are designed to easily adapt within any space, aesthetic or context. See more photos and video
GRiD - The PONG Game In Real Life

2 to 4 players – 3 to 5 minutes

Play Pong like never before, using your entire body! Control the digital paddle by synchronizing with your teammate.

BEEP BEEP - Make Gym Class Fun!

1 to 6 runners – 3 to 5 minutes

Players are invited to compete in a relay race controlled by an accelerating timer.
 The last player standing is declared fastest!

TARGET - A Competition Inspired By Retro Gaming

Up to 4 players – 2 to 5 minutes

The court is divided into four quadrants that rotate over the course of the game. Players must catch the white spots and avoid the red spots.

HOTSPOT - An Interactive Sprint With Moving Targets

1 runner at a time – 3 minutes

Moving hotspots must be caught by players. Gameplay focuses on agility and speed. Physical obstacles optional.

POLYGON - The PONG Game Becomes A Battlefield

2 to 8 players – 5 minutes

Engage in a team challenge to survive enemy attacks. React rapidly by using your paddle to protect your spaceship.

LASER RACE - An Interactive Multiplayer Hopscotch

2 to 6 players – 3 to 5 minutes

Laser Race blends speed and tactical decision-making, inviting players to race across levels that evolve over every round. The faster you cross, the more difficult the race becomes for your opponents. Last racer alive wins!

A skateboarding competition that combines projection mapping, interactivity and collaboration
This immersive augmented sport experience was designed with tracking technology, projection mapping and a layer of augmented reality. These elements allow skateboarders to become part of a competition that’s both physical and virtual. Spectators also have the opportunity to participate and influence the outcome of the game, by using an AR mobile app.
An interactive experience inspired by sports
This basketball court is truly one of a kind. An augmented sport experience, it allows athletes to amplify their physical performance and offers unforgettable entertainment to spectators. With a tracking device that follows the basketball, along with a creative and playful design within the space, this exploration offers a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment and augmented sports. See more photos and video of behind the scenes