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The Canadian Museum of Nature

Engaging visitors with interactive installations

2020 - Ottawa

Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages, an immersive exhibition enhanced with touchless interactivity, content animation, and rich soundscapes.

Moment Factory collaborated with the design team at the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) to enhance their “Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages” exhibit. To create a new way for visitors to connect and engage, we integrated two touchless, interactive multimedia installations that encourage active participation.

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The Planet Ice exhibit features five themed zones that delve into history to show how cold and ice have shaped humans and the world around them. To support CMN’s educational goals, our team was mandated with creating two installations that invite visitors to reveal the presence of extinct animals within snowy digital landscapes.

To incite discovery and connection with extinct animals, reactive 3D animations along with generative sounds were used to bring an american lion and a mammoth to life. Incorporating touchless multimedia technology, both installations immerse visitors in digital winter environments, while intuitive body movements control the visuals and soundscapes.

Interactive installations such as these are helping to reinvent the traditional museum experience. Combining animated digital content with innovative technology, they offer visitors a new way to connect with the past and imagine the future.