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Animistic Imagery: A Digital Art Exhibit

When humans and AI collaborate to make art

2020 - Beijing

Moment Factory created an immersive AI art experience for the latest exhibition at UCCA Lab.

When the UCCA Lab at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, China wanted to create a digital art exhibit for their latest exhibition, they teamed up with Baidu, world-leading Chinese language internet search provider and artificial intelligence company. Curious to explore the symbiotic relationship between humans, AI and art, they turned to Moment Factory to bring the exhibition to life. The result is Animistic Imagery, an immersive and interactive art experience developed by our in-house creative studio.

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Open to the public from September 2020 until January 2021, the exhibit introduces visitors to Duffy, the AI Artist, with an invitation to collaborate inside her Symbiotic Studio. This immersive space, made possible through projection mapping and interactive technology, invites guests to become the AI’s muse. As Duffy captures movements generated by visitors through real-time tracking, she draws links and connections, consulting a vast collection of colors and archetypal images of life on Earth. The result is an infinite series of surprising works of art—an artificial interpretation of humanity and the natural world.

Animistic Imagery is Moment Factory’s first project designed and produced through a fully remote process. Our Montreal studio collaborated closely with the client and supervised the entire integration process, while UCCA Lab, and our technical partner, Digital Fun, supported the on-site setup. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, our team of artists is thrilled to share this new project with the Chinese public, all while adapting to the latest safety measures.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alexandre Lustigman|Ariane Dorig|Audrey-Kim Poulin|Auriane Falières|Basile Buisson|Benoit Penaud|Bronwyn Averett|Caroline Colon de Franciosi|Catherine Grenier|Catherine Nadeau|Claudia Lavergne|Elliot Sinyor|Emily Thorne|Ernesto Ortega|Etienne Giroux|Flora Bidaud|Francis Kadulick|Francois Loubert-Hudon|Guillaume Lévesque|Hugo Daoust|Janou Girardeau|Jean-François Larouche|Jean-Simon Therrien|Jeffrey Chausse|Jerome Gasselin|Joel Adria|Jonathan Chammas|Jonathan Masterson|Jordi Gauthier|Jules Dembele|Julie Roy-Lamarre|Laurent Simon Lapierre|Leisha MacDonald|Marc Tétreault|Marianne Paradis|Marie-Pier Veilleux|Marieve Dorman|Mathieu Monnier|Maxime Faure|Mélanie Guilbault|Melissa Guilbault|Michel Didier|Myriam Chahbi|Pamela Schneider|Patrick Bisson|Pierre Corsy|Pierre-Olivier Perron|Remi St-Onge|Robert Al-Romhein|Salim Lounis|Sebastien Berube|Simon Léveillé|Tara-Maria Massad|Thijs Van Hoof|Vincent Beaulieu|Vincent Letellier