Moment Factory is pleased to announce the opening of Mirror Mirror at CF Chinook Centre in Calgary, Alberta on February 2, 2024. Having previously wowed audiences in Montreal and Adelaide, this marks the third presentation of the studio’s original indoor immersive art experience, and features new installations.

Mirror Mirror seamlessly blends creative expression and interactive innovation to create an ever-evolving playground of immersive art. Spanning nine dynamic art installations, each explores themes sparked by the wonder of the human mind, designed to entertain visitors of all ages.

The experience is powered by the curiosity and participation of guests, who play an essential role in influencing an ever-evolving digital pathway including interactive features and user-generated media. All are encouraged to participate, as personal choices, contributions, and movements affect the space itself. This dynamic connection instills guests with an emotional investment in their free-flowing journey.

Installations include Memory Storage, where sharing memories activates a unique choreography of light; Forest of Echoes, where a labyrinth of mirrors invites guests to confront their sense of self; River of Now, where jumping across rock-like platforms conjures color and music; and Mirrors of Tomorrow, a playful tarot session where guests discover their destiny.

This unique experience is a multipurpose solution that can be scaled and adapted for a broad range of sites seeking to diversify their entertainment offerings. Venues looking to provide engaging temporary or permanent experiences that increase dwell time – including family entertainment centers, corporate spaces, shopping complexes, and pop-up events – are ideal settings for this wholly scalable attraction.

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