This winter, Astra Lumina will light up New York and Seattle, adding two destinations to the Lumina Enchanted Night Walk series in the United States.

The stars are descending across the United States this November as Astra Lumina returns to Los Angeles and debuts two new outdoor attractions in New York and Seattle. Created by Moment Factory and presented by Moment Factory and live entertainment platform Fever, the experience invites stargazers of all ages on a nighttime journey through botanical gardens to discover the illuminating wonder of the stars. A fourth Astra Lumina experience, unveiled by Anakeesta last year at its mountaintop theme park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, rounds out Moment Factory’s cross-country constellation.

In New York, Astra Lumina lands in the heart of Flushing at Queens Botanical Garden. Through the magic of projections, lighting, and music, astral energy transforms the natural surroundings into a celestial garden glowing with falling stars in their many forms. As the night unfolds, these luminous orbs regenerate, rise and reunite in the night sky, shining brighter than ever before. On the opposite coast, the Seattle Chinese Garden at South Seattle College provides an urban oasis for the phenomenal experience.

In Los Angeles, Astra Lumina returns to the South Coast Botanic Garden on the Palos Verdes Peninsula to take visitors deep into the lush landscape for the immersive astral voyage. Along the garden’s expansive trails, guests set off to encounter the wonders of lustrous light, cosmic visions and astral songs within a storyworld inspired by the stars.

At every location, the attraction provides the garden with a nighttime offering that attracts new visitors, extends operating hours and creates new revenue-generating opportunities, including a photo booth, gift shop, and food and beverage options made available to guests at the end of the journey. As part of Moment Factory’s international Lumina Enchanted Night Walk series, Astra Lumina draws inspiration from the unique features and natural beauty of each environment and seamlessly blends in with the surroundings.

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