Starting today, the ARcade augmented multiplayer gaming experience is open to the public at The Montreal Casino. Located on the first floor of the Quebec Pavilion, the attraction is a major addition to the venue’s entertainment offering. This interactive activity, inspired by iconic 80s arcades, provides visitors with a brand new entertainment experience.

Fusing multimedia and videogame technology, ARcade is an immersive experience featuring six games, each combining motion-detection, projection technologies,and videogame mechanics. Players are thrust into the action, using their bodies to control the experience. There’s no need for headsets or handsets – all you need to do is move. Similar to sporting events, spectators can cheer on their favourite players while keeping an eye on the scoreboard.

A new generation of gaming from Moment Factory

ARcade embraces Moment Factory’s vision of bringing people together in physical venues to take part in one-of-a-kind experiences.  Bringing this concept to The Montreal Casino for the first time, the public can now experience a new way of playing through a unique blend of multimedia technology, interactivity, innovation, and human connection.

Moment Factory designed its first augmented game in 2018, inside its  Montreal studio. The project was inspired by putting the multidisciplinary team’s capacity for creative innovation to the test. Following several iterations in the Middle East and North America, the six-game ARcade experience was officially launched and presented exclusively to workers in downtown Montreal in 2022, thanks in part to the ré·CRÉATIONMTL initiative, supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

ARcade, a turnkey entertainment solution

Moment Factory’s augmented games platform is a multipurpose solution that can be deployed and tailored to a broad range of sites seeking to diversify their entertainment offering. Entertainment venues looking to provide engaging temporary or permanent experiences – including casinos, sports complexes, amusement parks, and family entertainment centres – are ideal settings for this customizable activity.

ARcade showcases Moment Factory’s expertise in creating entertaining interactive experiences that can be easily combined with a host of multimedia projects.

Opening hours and reservation information can be found on the Montreal Casino website: