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Tiësto, A Town Called Paradise Tour

A Third Creative Collaboration

2014 - World Tour

Distinctive cinematographic visuals for over 15 of Tiësto’s songs showcased at large-scale shows around the world during his tour.

When Tiësto needed a creative collaborator for the 2014 international tour of his latest studio album, A Town Called Paradise, he invited Moment Factory to join the team. Having also worked on his Kaleidoscope and Club Life tours, we were primed for more opportunities to work with Tiësto. Together, we set out to create a concert experience that would capture and amplify the energy his fans and music bring to the show, making every concert stop on the tour an unforgettable dance party.

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Each of the songs on the album stands on its own, so our initial challenge was to find a unified visual concept or direction. We asked ourselves what it meant that a dance album could be so diverse in its sound. We looked to the evolution of dance music to find the background story of Tiësto’s influences. We also thought about how recording artists are reviving classic studio techniques by featuring live musicians. From here we envisioned a similarly handcrafted approach for the content: instead of using computer generated graphics, we looked to traditional methods that evoke the same craft and masterful mixing behind Tiësto’s sound. Working with some of these methods was a new experience for the Moment Factory team. Stop-motion, for example, allowed us to bring our creativity in new media to a vintage technique. In all, we used an abundance of methods to capture the visual sphere of each song, from vintage animation and live dance shoots to 3D animation and motion-tracking technology. With this craft-based approach to the content, we were able to bring the unique personality of the 15 songs forward but still stay true to the overall concept. The final show celebrated the evolution of a form: a fitting message for the visionary DJ and Producer to share with fans around the world.

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