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Anima Lumina


2016 - St-Félicien

A nighttime experience to follow one's instincts… at the zoo.

As part of its revitalization efforts, the Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien asked us to join them in crafting a new way to experience the zoo… at night! We created Anima Lumina, a 1.5 km multimedia night walk that pays tribute to the rich biodiversity of the Boreal Forest.

The Zoo sauvage of St-Félicien is an ecosystem in itself. Hosting a variety of animal species it is a complex canvas of wildlife habitats and infrastructure. Being able to evoke animal life authentically and in harmony with such a special setting represented a challenge that we tackled with respect and sensitivity.

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With Anima Lumina the use of visual, immersive and sound effects serves to amplify the sensory experience feeding the visitor’s imagination. The artistic interpretation of natural events and the use of shadows are key aspects of this approach. Through attentive observation, and with the collaboration of zoo personnel, we were able to genuinely reproduce the sounds, rhythms and movements of the forest.

We took advantage of the zoo’s stunning natural scenography to create an experience that seamlessly blends projections, lighting and an original soundtrack. Discreetly hidden into the environment, the multimedia installations awaken all the senses.

Anima Lumina is part of a series of night walks created by Moment Factory. Each night walk is inspired by local culture and the region’s iconic landscapes. The story, the characters who bring it to life, the scenography, and the site’s natural charm make each destination unique.

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