2021 - Dallas

As the first large-scale generative audio-visual experience of its kind, The Visualizer raises the bar for live events by blurring the boundary between the real and virtual.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

AT&T’s Discovery District reimagines the company’s global headquarters in downtown Dallas as a public destination where tech, culture, and entertainment combine. As the focal point of the district, the seven-story media wall transforms a building façade into a multidimensional portal with an array of reality-bending capsules. Created to amplify live performances, The Visualizer capsule acts as a digital extension of the plaza, using generative effects to augment everything from country concerts to EDM DJ sets in real-time.

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The Visualizer turns the media wall into a digital grid of lights that pulse and radiate in geometric shapes and sequences as they react to the rhythm, intensity, and mood of live performances. To create the immersive experience, the capsule relies on a complex system of audio-reactive mechanics that detect musical variations and emotional curves and translate them into dynamic colour palettes and effects. The system is the first to tap the Unreal game engine to create generative content for live events.

Designed to be modular and customizable, the Visualizer can be activated in plug-and-play automatic mode, semi-automatic mode, and a manual mode for full creative control. To allow for seamless show direction, the innovative integration of Digital Multiplex (DMX) protocols and standard interfaces like grandMa, gives light designers standard show controls to access endless artistic possibilities. A special feature also allows operators to integrate a live feed of the performer or enable an audio-reactive graphic mode for ambient content.

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Alberto Ramirez | Alexandre Lustigman | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Arnaud Grosjean | Aurélie Lauzon Potts | Basile Buisson | Benoit Roy | Briana Larson | Céline Mornet | Fourat Jellouli | Guillaume Borgomano | Jamie Reilly | Jean-Benoit Meunier | Jean-Claude Macena | Jérémie Quesnel | Jérôme Gasselin | Jessica Leroux | Joel Adria | Jonathan Chammas | Joseph Browne | Joshua Selinger | Laurent Simon Lapierre | Marc Tétreault | Marc-André Monette | Marieve Deschamps | Marieve Deschamps M | Maxime Geraldes | Mokaram Shahrokh | Myriam Dechamplain | Olivier Maurice | Pascal Michel | Patrice Bilodeau | Quentin Bleton | Salim Lounis | Samuel Renard | Sophie Carle | Vincent Beaulieu | Yael Braha | Zane Kozak