The Montreal Casino

Casino of the Future

2013 - Montreal

Where the magic and emotion of the experience are multiplied by an interactive visual environment.
thunder powered by X-agora multimedia software

As part of its “Casino of the Future” strategic plan, Loto-Québec commissioned Moment Factory to create a multimedia experience for its gaming areas. After our work on the Charlevoix casino, the Montreal casino awarded Moment Factory a mandate to create a multimedia environment integrated with the casino’s existing system as well as produce video content for its new digital wall, which stretches three stories tall through the center of the casino.

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To create an environment that would harmonize with pre-existing elements of the casino, we studied many aspects in depth: traffic flow, architectural design, and decorative concepts already in place. A team of more than twenty worked for more than a year to design, create, and integrate the content for this installation. This effort resulted in original ambient and interactive content that immerses clients in a variety of visual worlds including the Moulin Rouge cabaret, the Montreal cityscape, and starry skies. The chosen themes highlight the space as the perfect setting for entertainment, gaming, and spending quality time with friends. An example of the installation’s playfulness is a game that uses the motion of four nearby elevators to propel the action in a roulette game. When elevators synchronize by landing on the same floor, the system triggers a jackpot moment.

All visual elements are managed with Moment Factory’s X-Agora software, which is tied directly into the casino’s master multimedia system. This means a technician can fill the digital wall with animated visuals that correspond to an activity in the casino from a central control, but the wall can also be independently tripped to react to specific pre-programmed cues: when a person wins a large jackpot, is celebrating a birthday, or when a musical group begins its set. Moment Factory’s installation was unveiled in 2013 as the star attraction at a gala event celebrating the renewal of the Montreal casino. Since then, the digital wall has launched countless visitor experiences into a world of magic and emotion that will unfold widely across their casino visit.